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Light Bites. 

                                           (Available during meal times)


Toasted Panini with filling (See Below) £4.75 with Chips £5.75


Fresh Sandwiches or Toasties on White or Brown bread £3.75

with chips £4.75


Baked Potato served with Salad £5.75


Sandwich, Toastie or Panini with Homemade Soup £5.75


Fillings Available:

Cheese, Cheese and Onion, Cheese and Pickle, Cheese and Ham,

Cheese and Tomato, Cheese and Beans. Ham,

Tuna Mayo, Tuna Mayo & Onion, Tuna and Cheese,

Chicken Mayo, Chicken Tikka, Coronation Chicken


                                                         Small/Large Bowl of Chips £2.50/£3.75


                                                        Chips With Cheese or Curry Sauce £3.75


                                                             Sausage, Bacon or Egg Roll £2.95

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